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About Us

Ealing Eagles Ball Hockey Tournament


The Youth Division was founded in January 2008 and was the first youth club in the UK. It originally started for Reception school age (4-5) children and then expanded to other ages when parents asked if siblings could play. The Ealing Eagles Youth Division started playing on the Drayton Manor Estate in West Ealing and then moved to Elthorne Sports Centre in 2013. In 2012, the Ealing Eagles worked together with Ball Hockey UK to create the first BHUK Junior Nationals at with our 9 and under team became the first ever Champions in that age category. Since then we have competed all years except for one. 


The club was set up to provide a fun, safe physical activity which:

  • Teaches respect, sportsmanship and consideration of others 

  • Provides an inexpensive, affordable energetic activity 

  • Provides an activity covering a wide age range thus enabling all your children from a family to join in 

  • Introduces children to a new sport that is very popular in Canada and Eastern Europe. 


While the club is open to all including beginners, they club has had the following accomplishments:


Ealing Eagles - International Representation

  • 2018 - 4 Players played for Team GB U16 & U18 Boys & U20 Girls at the Junior World Championships.

  • 2019 - 8 Players played for Team GB U16 Boys & U18 Girls at the Junior World Championships.

  • 2019 – One player was on Women’s GB team for World Championships at age 17

  • 2020/21 - 11 Players selected to Team GB U16 Boys & U18 Boys, U20 Girls at the Junior World Championships (note this event was cancelled due to pandemic).

  • 2015-2018 - In addition, numerous players have represented us on GB Development camps in Slovakia and Czech Rep

Ealing Eagles - National Achievements at Junior Nationals

  • 2012 - U9 Champions, U12 3rd

  • 2013 - U9 Runners Up, U12 3rd

  • 2014 - U9 Champions, U12 3rd, U15 3rd

  • 2015 - U9 Champions, U15 3rd

  • 2016 - U12 Runners Up, U9 3rd

  • 2018 - U15 Runners Up, U12 3rd


Ealing Eagles - Player Achievements

  • 2012 Junior Nationals – Leading Scorer U9 and U12

  • 2013 Junior Nationals – Leading Scorer U9. Top Goaltender Goals Against Average-U9

  • 2014 Junior Nationals – Leading Scorer U9 and U12.

  • 2016 Nitra (Slovakia) Cup – U13 Team GB Co-Most Outstanding player and runner-up. U13 leading scorer.

  • 2017 GB Development Camp (Slovakia) – U15 leading scorer in challenge matches

  • 2018 Junior Nationals – Top Goaltender Goals Against Average-U15

  • 2018 U16 Junior World Championships – GB Player’s Player, GB Top Forward, GB Top Defence, GB Leading Scorer. Man of Match vs USA

  • 2019 – Finalist for Ealing Junior Athlete of the Year

  • 2019 U16 Junior World Championships 2019 – Tied for leading GB scorer. Man of Match Vs Canada East and Czech Rep

  • 2019 U18 Girls Junior World Championships –Captained by an Ealing Eagle

  • 2020/21 U20 Girls Junior World Championships – Assistant Captain was Ealing Eagle (note this event was cancelled due to pandemic)

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